【Digitalization of Japanese Language Education】 Implemented an online study management system for Kyoto City International Foundation

SUN Co., Ltd. (Headoffice: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shumpei Nakasone) is pleased to announce that its study management system for online Japanese classes has been introduced to Kyoto City International Foundation. Using SUN’s Japanese learning app “KURASHI STUDY” as online teaching materials, Kyoto City International Foundation’s Japanese class “kokoka” is now able to manage everything online, from class reservations to payment and class management.


Kyoto City International Foundation has established a “Study Management System” for its online Japanese classes, utilizing the Japanese learning app “KURASHI STUDY”, and began full-scale operations on June 1 (Wed). This has enabled Kyoto City International Foundation to move classes that were previously conducted in person and the necessary procedures for taking courses online, creating an environment in which users (foreign residents) can receive services online regardless of time or location.

“KURASHI STUDY” is an original teaching material developed by SUN. Since its launch in March 2021, the service has been distributed in 9 countries around the world, including Vietnam and Indonesia, and has exceeded 100,000 downloads (cumulative total for Android and iOS versions as of April 2022). It is used among Japanese language learners in all 9 countries of the world.

SUN will continue to develop and enhance the functions of “KURASHI STUDY” and “Online Japanese Study Management System”, aiming to make them available as a package for companies and organizations. The operation of online Japanese language classes will be a useful means of reducing the number of areas without local Japanese language classes, not only during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We support the government-promoted “Japanese language class program for foreign nationals as citizens (Sei-katsu-sha)” to be achieved online.

■Overview of the study management system implemented in Kyoto City International Foundation
Name: KURASHI STUDY for kokoka

Student Management Message function Instructor management Reservation system
Grade Management Online materials Class schedule management Online payment
Attendance Management Online class system Report generation Send group email

■System features
The “Study Management System” enables users to complete a series of procedures related to the operation of local Japanese language classes online, from setting class slots, coordinating instructors and volunteers, and making reservations and payments for learners.

1).Participate in Japanese language classes online regardless of time, place, or weather
Online materials and online classes allow students to study anywhere and at any time.

2).Manage learning progress with data and easy handover between supporters
The system is equipped with a message function that can leave notes on the learner’s progress, grades (strengths and weaknesses), and other information. Even if the support person changes from class to class, the student’s situation can be taken over and individual support can be provided, thus improving the quality of the class. Learners’ grades and attendance status are also output as data, making it easy to create reports by using templates.

3).Centralized management of operations through a system. Improve operational efficiency through digitalization
The operator simply sets the class time, and learners and supporters receive notifications and can check the class schedule. To attend a class, just select a time slot that can be reserved and make an online payment. A videoconferencing system is also included as standard.

Please visit the special page for details.

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■Introduction story
Local Japanese language classes were held for foreign nationals living in Japan. The spread of the new coronavirus infection has forced many classrooms to cancel face-to-face classes. Under such circumstances, Kyoto City International Foundation initiated an online class approach in April 2021. We have provided learning opportunities by recruiting supporters (volunteer instructors) who are familiar with IT and utilizing videoconferencing systems. In July 2021, we conducted a demonstration test of an online Japanese language classroom using “KURASHI STUDY”. Since then, we have been working together to realize a fully online classroom, including classroom operations, using this app as an online teaching materials.

Kyoto City International Foundation Mr. Nonaka

(PIF) Kyoto City International Foundation has begun operating online classes in addition to its existing face-to-face Japanese language classes, following its selection in 2020 for the “Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Project to Promote the Creation of a Comprehensive Regional Japanese Language Education System”. In the testing phase, we used Zoom and did the matching manually, but we expect that this application will allow us to accommodate a larger number of learners. In addition, since volunteer learning assistants, rather than professional Japanese language teachers, are engaged in the program, customization of the system has made it more suited to the actual situation. We have received feedback that they can participate more easily because they can volunteer/learn Japanese from their own homes.
We would like to continue to provide more people with opportunities to learn and teach Japanese.

SUN Co., Ltd.  President and CEO: Shumpei Nakasone
The system, which we have been working on for nearly a year with the Kyoto City International Foundation, has finally been implemented. This organization is promoting Japanese language classes online, led by digitally savvy young people. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the staff members who have cooperated with us. Furthermore, this initiative has improved the online classroom environment. I am very happy that we can now offer more people the opportunity to learn Japanese. We hope that you will use our system to study Japanese and come to love Kyoto more and Japan more.
On the other hand, digitalization in Japanese language education has been stagnant, and those who need assistance are not being served adequately. However, we believe that digitalization can make up for much of the “lack of human resources, space, and time” that is at the root of these issues. Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, it is expected that many international students, technical intern trainees, and specified technical trainees will come into Japan. We intend to continue to promote the digitalization of Japanese language education in cooperation with local governments and educational organizations.

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■Japanese language learning app “KURASHI STUDY”
KURASHI STUDY is a story-based Japanese learning app that teaches Japanese grammar, expressions, vocabulary, and pronunciation through conversation. With a total of 96 scenes based on Japanese life, you can also learn the rules of life and administrative rules necessary for living in Japan. All conversations are audio-recorded, so you can improve your Japanese “reading, listening, and speaking” skills just by using the app, without going to school. The app also has an “Online Japanese Conversation (Talk)*” service that allows you to take private lessons with a professional Japanese language teacher. You can freely ask for help with things you don’t understand in your independent study, or with any problems you may have in your life in Japan. It also conforms to the scope and format of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and is recommended for those aiming to acquire N5 to N2 levels.
* Online Japanese conversation(Talk) service is a paid option.

■ App overview

    • ・Title: “KURASHI STUDY”(
    • ・Supported OS / Recommended operating environment:
      iOS/iPad version/OS 11.0 or higher, Android version/OS 5.0 or higher
    • ・Languages supported: English, Vietnamese, Japanese
    • ・Distribution countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
    • ・Development and operation company: SUN Co., Ltd
    • ・How to download


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