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Japanese Language Learning App KURASHI STUDY
96 stories based on the life in Japan helps you learn Japanese grammar, expressions, vocabulary, pronunciation. Online lessons with a Japanese teacher and preparation for the JLPT exam are also available.
KURASHI STUDY official website
Japanese language learning service for employees
Japanese language learning service for corporations specializing in improving "speaking" skills. The web app provides one-stop for online lessons and various learning functions, allowing learners to practice "daily conversation" whilst developing skills in self-expression and general communication, covering the fundamentals of Japanese language.
HANASU PLUS official website
For Business, Organization, Corporate Online Japanese Classes
Platform system for those who want to start an online Japanese language learning service. Japanese learning app "KURASHI STUDY" is linked as a teaching material, making it easy to start Japanese language training and local Japanese language classes.
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lifestyle website for foreign residents in Japan KURASHI JAPAN
To support foreign residents in Japan, The website provides comprehensive information about living in Japan, including visas, hospitals, childcare, childbirth, nursing care, and more.
KURASHI JAPAN official website
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