Personal Information Protection Policy on Protection of Personal Information

Date of Formation: June 10, 2019
Date of Last Amendment: June 10, 2019
SUN Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shumpei Nakasone

The Company fully acknowledges the social responsibility of protection of all personal information that we handle and will comply with laws and regulations pertinent to the protection of individual rights and the proper handling of personal information. In addition, we shall establish a personal information protection management system for materializing the below policy, and that we as the Company hereby declares that we will exhort our efforts on continuous improvements on such system as we monitor the development of the latest IT, changes to the social demands as well as changes in management environment.

  • We only collect, use or provide personal information for legitimate operational purposes of the Company including system development, planning, sales and operation and maintenance work, limited to an extent to which necessary for business execution, employment of staff and personnel management. We do not undertake the handling of personal information (other use) which is beyond the extent set necessary for achieving the specified purposes for use, and take measures to prevent other use.
  • We comply with any laws, guidelines and/or other rules stipulated by the government regarding the protection of personal information.
  • We will put in place necessary and proper measures to prevent risks such as divulgence, destruction and impairment of personal information, and will continuously strive to improve the personal information security system by furnishing business resources appropriate to the state of the business. Should there rise a problem relative to the protection of personal information, we will take corrective measures promptly.
  • We respond to complaints and inquiries about the handling of personal information promptly and such will be treated seriously and confidentially.
  • We strive to make proper and timely amendments to the personal information protection management system for continuous improvement in relation to any environmental changes surrounding the Company.

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