“Japan Bangladesh IT Association” established on 1 October for development of the IT industry in both countries Launch of “Japan Valley”, a project to support business expansion into Bangladesh

SUN Co., Ltd (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shumpei Nakasone; hereinafter “SUN”) announce the establishment on October 1 of the “Japan Bangladesh IT Association”, a general incorporated association to contribute to the development of the IT industry in Bangladesh and Japan. As the first initiative of this association, we launched “Japan Valley,” a project to support Japanese IT companies to expand their business in Bangladesh.


■Purpose of Establishment of “Japan Bangladesh IT Association”
With a population of 160 million, Bangladesh is attracting attention as a future destination for overseas expansion due to its abundant and inexpensive labor force and huge market potential. Infrastructure development work is being actively carried out there by Japanese general trading companies, and there are high expectations for Japanese companies in the construction, manufacturing, trading, retail, food, and tourism industries to advance in the country. When launching an overseas business, it is important to ensure that everything goes smoothly, from company establishment to infrastructure development, recruiting activities, and hiring personnel. And to efficiently manage overseas bases with limited human resources, it is necessary to proactively consider the use of IT and the promotion of digitalization. However, the competition for recruiting tech talent is heating up due to the wave of DX and digitalization that is sweeping the world. Some Japanese companies are losing personnel to foreign companies due to conditions such as corporate recognition and salaries, and many companies are facing a shortage of operational personnel due to the difficulty of hiring IT engineers locally.

Therefore, we have decided to establish the “Japan Bangladesh IT Association” to support Japanese companies expanding their business overseas with a thorough knowledge of Bangladesh’s local laws. We will provide total support for the process from registration procedures to hiring IT personnel in Bangladesh.

■Activities of “Japan Bangladesh IT Association”
Total Support for Japanese Companies Expanding into Bangladesh
The Japan-Bangladesh IT Association aims to improve the economic, social, and national life of both countries by achieving communication between the public and private sectors in Japan and Bangladesh. By supporting Japanese companies to expand into Bangladesh, we aim to build a world-class IT society in Bangladesh and Japan. As the first initiative, we will launch “Japan Valley,” a support project targeting Japanese companies considering expansion into Bangladesh.

■Wishes for the Logo


Collaboration of cherry blossoms reminiscent of Japan and the green of the Bangladesh flag, with the sun, which is common to the flags of both countries, placed in the center. The overlapping petals from the central sun represent a world where member companies are connected through IT.

■Services Provided by “Japan Bangladesh IT Association” to Support Business Expansion into Bangladesh

1. Public-Private Partnership with JETRO, Embassy of Bangladesh in Japan and BISIS
– Provide the latest information on local government policies, taxation system, etc., and hold seminars
2. Full Support for the Process from Company Registration to Business Establishment
– Open a bank account, open an office, and prepare documents related to registration
– Support for contract documents, housing, etc. after the establishment
3. Introduction to investment institutions and business partners, including large local companies and investors
– Introduction of conglomerates, large companies, investors, and investment institutions
– Introduction of business partners
4. Service providers (support by accountants, lawyers, tax accountants)
– Support for financing and taxation by accounting firms
5. University partnerships
– Recruitment of talented resources and holding of information sessions
6. Support for Japanese language education for local employees
– Provide support for Japanese language training for local employees through a hybrid of face-to-face and online training services.

■Outline of “Japan Bangladesh IT Association”

Date of Establishment October 1, 2022
Purpose The goal is to build a world-class IT society in Bangladesh and Japan through two-way communication between the public and private sectors of the two countries, to improve the economies, societies, and people’s lives in both countries.
Target Companies considering expansion into Bangladesh (for all industries, not just the IT industry)
Companies that want to promote Japan brands in Bangladesh
Companies suffering from a shortage of IT human resources in Japan and Bangladesh
Companies considering establishing an offshore base in Bangladesh
Action Plans ・Launch of “Japan Valley”, a project to support overseas expansion into Bangladesh
・Support Japanese companies to expand their business in Bangladesh
・Hold networking events for member companies
Member Companies Representative Director:
Kaicom Solutions Japan Co., Ltd
Founder & CEO Anjan Das

Vice Director:
SUN Co., Ltd
President&CEO Shumpei Nakasone

Advisors Yuji Ando: Director, JETRO Dhaka
Russell T. Ahmed: President, Bangladesh Association for Software & Information Services (BASIS)
Official Site

■Introduction of Advisor of “Japan Bangladesh IT Association”
Yuji Ando(Director, JETRO Dhaka)
Joined JETRO in 2008. After working in IDE-JETRO, JETRO Dhaka Office (practical trainee), Lifestyle, Culture and Service Industry Department, and JETRO Hamamatsu, he has been in his current position since March 2019. He is the author of the Japanese book “知られざる工業国バングラデシュ ” (Bangladesh, the Unknown Industrial Country).

Russell T. Ahmed (President, Bangladesh Association for Software & Information Services)
He is the President of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the national trade organization for software and IT services in Bangladesh. He has contributed significantly to the development and promotion of the ICT industry in Bangladesh, where he has been a leader in the ICT field for more than 22 years and has played a key role in the EdTech/digital education field for a decade. He is the founder of the largest Learning Management System (LMS) platform in Bangladesh and has experience in various industries including business development, operations, sales/marketing, and strategy.

■Event Information
On October 20, 2022, Japan Bangladesh IT Association will hold a seminar. JETRO Dhaka office manager will present the latest information on Bangladesh’s economy and its attractions. We will also introduce our association and our project “Japan Valley” which supports Japanese companies to expand their business in Bangladesh in order to enhance the Japan brand.

Seminar Title Bangladesh Economy and Attractiveness & Introduction of Japan Valley -supported by JETRO Dhaka and BASIS-
Date & Time October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 18:00-19:15 (JST)
Venue Online (URL will be provided after application)
Organizer Bangladesh IT Association Japan
Supported by JETRO Dhaka
Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)
Application Form Please apply using the application form below

Application deadline: October 20, 16:00(JST)

■About “Japan Valley”
“Japan Valley”, an initiative of the Japan Bangladesh IT Association, is a project launched to support the expansion of the Japan brand in Bangladesh. The project aims to create a place in Bangladesh where innovation is born and brand power is demonstrated, like “Silicon Valley” in the United States.

For more information, please see this press release.
“Japan Valley”, a support project for Japanese companies expanding in Bangladesh, is launched. Enhance the Japan brand.

■SUN Co., Ltd
We are an IT company that operates a system integration business, Web design and a foreign resident support business under the corporate philosophy “To become a globally-renowned company based on our mission ‘connect people with people’ “. We actively hire globally, and by connecting people, create new value and deliver innovation to the world.

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