• Strong connections with people, leading to a good working environment and appreciation.
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She says, "This company is flexible, including its systems. I have never regretted joining the company".
We talked with S.F. about the attraction of SUN and her current challenges.
Motivation for joining SUN

Motivation for joining SUN

They selected me based on who I am, not my application

A friend of mine referred me to SUN, and out of curiosity, I had an interview, which led me to join the company. I'd been working as a part-time employee before joining the company, and I’d been away from the engineering field for four years. However, SUN selected me based on who I am, not my application. I appreciated it very much because it was perfect timing for me to go back to work full-time.

Now that I have joined the company, I’m reminded of the fact that SUN is a company that has strong connections with people, which leads to a good working environment and appreciation. Since SUN values "people-to-people relationships", such as between engineers and salespeople, between supervisors and staff, and between employees, I feel that we have an environment where employees can easily raise their voices.
My current challenges

My current challenges

Since joining SUN, I discovered a new me

Currently, I work at a customer site of a telecommunication provider, and I’m trying to take on a position like a sub manager of a team responsible for testing-related jobs. I used to have no interest in management work, but when I tried it, I unexpectedly liked it. After that, an executive at SUN, who heard about what was going on in the site, asked me if I would be interested in becoming a sub manager for the SUN organization as well as the site.

I've heard that engineers working at customer sites tend not to get a fair evaluation due to not having a supervisor on site who can evaluate them. However, at SUN, the customer, the sales department, and the supervisor are in close communication, so even small daily achievements are conveyed to the company, and are properly evaluated. Also, the sales people are close to our engineers and are always concerned about us, so it is a good environment for us to raise our voices.

I used to be a quiet, active type of person at work, but I joined SUN and have discovered a new side of myself in the past year. SUN's vision is to establish overseas offices, so it may be possible for employees to work overseas. If there is an opportunity, I would love to try it.
Attraction of SUN

Attraction of SUN

As SUN is a start-up company, the systems are flexible and you feel that the company is very active

Because SUN is still a new company, having only been in business for a few years, the various systems are still under construction and changing flexibly. For example, the introduction of vaccination leave for the new coronavirus was handled very quickly. Although some of these systems are not currently in place, unique benefit programs such as fashion allowance and marriage activity allowance are also created from time to time. We think about what employees are looking for now and update it flexibly as a system. Every time the rules and regulations are updated, I feel that the company is moving actively.
Attractive salary system

Attractive salary system

Even small efforts are evaluated with "performance pay" and "qualification allowance"

SUN has a salary system called "performance pay", which is paid in recognition of your positive attitude toward work. Even small efforts that would normally be taken for granted, such as never being late or missing work, or meeting deadlines, are appreciated. Even though I was not the most active type of person, I think this is an attractive system because I can be recognized just for doing my basic work properly.

Another attraction of the company is that it has a good qualification allowance. I think it is important for me to acquire qualifications, but it is difficult for me to take the time to study while working. However, there is a system in which acquiring qualifications is rewarded with income, so you can work on it with high motivation.