• Playing an active role as a female manager and engineer.
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She says, "SUN's culture is to recognize and incorporate people's differences".
We interviewed A.M. to find out more.
What I keep in mind as a manager

What I keep in mind as a manager

Notice the small changes and reach out from here

Currently, I'm a member of the data infrastructure team in the client's data science department, and for data analysis purposes, I work hard on defining requirements and managing vendors.

At the same time, I manage six staff members of SUN, and I make a daily effort to make the company a comfortable place for everyone. When working with small teams, I do not overly-manage my staff, so that they soon feel comfortable in their new positions, and I talk with them individually at least once a month.

During the Corona pandemic in particular, we work remotely, so communication tends to be less due to the physical distance. When I ask, "Are you having any trouble?" I often get the response, "No, I don't", even so I expand the conversation so that I can notice any small changes and reach out to them.
An engineer's workload varies depending on the project or timing, but even when you are busy, I think that just having someone who is there for you, increases your motivation and makes a big difference in your performance.
The president's personality

The president's personality

The president's compassion has taken root through the whole company

Long before SUN was established, when I was working as an engineer on location for another company, President Nakasone was once my sales representative. Even though engineers can work alone on site in extreme cases, at that time, President Nakasone visited on a regular basis and listened to everything in a friendly manner. He made every effort to make it easier for me to work, and where improvements could be made, he took action. I feel that the president's compassion has taken root in the entire SUN company. Now that I'm also in a position to manage a team, I have inherited his mindset in my management style.
Gender equality

Gender equality

Company culture that recognizes and incorporates people's differences

In the IT industry, there are relatively more men, and when differences are noticed, I sometimes wondered, "Does a woman's viewpoint differ from that of a man's? Or is it a difference in personality?". So I asked other managers and executives how they perceived the opinions of women. They all replied, "I welcome opinions and viewpoints that differ from my own". At that time, I realized that regardless of the concepts of women or individuality, there is value in expressing one's opinion.

SUN allows each individual to freely set a work-life balance according to their lifestyle, and I feel that diverse work styles coexist here. I place relatively more importance on my private life to achieve a good balance, but I don't feel blamed for that. No one imposes their own values, and we respect each other's opinions. Regardless of gender, or work status, there is a relationship here where you can discuss any problems or worries you may have.
Differences that arise are not discriminated against, but accepted as opinions, and the corporate culture is one of mutual understanding.