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He says, "SUN supports me not only in my work but also in my life".
We talked with H.R., who left Bangladesh to work in Japan since May 2019.
Background of joining the company

Background of joining the company

Happy with the president's approach to culture

When I was working in Bangladesh, I had several opportunities to take Japanese IT exams, which sparked my interest in Japan. From there, I participated in a local project to find employment in Japan, and studied the language while attending a Japanese language school. The project provided employment guidance, and I learned about SUN from the Japanese companies that participated. My first impression of SUN's president was "bright and friendly". He was on stage wearing a traditional "Punjabi" suit from Bangladesh, and I remember being very happy with the president's approach to culture.
SUN's corporate philosophy is to become a globally-renowned company based on the mission "connect people with people". I have always wanted to work with people from different countries on the world stage. The deciding factor for joining the company was the thought that "SUN might make this dream come true".
Current work and future vision

Current work and future vision

First, learn the technology, gain experience, then towards the world

Currently, I am involved in "module development" for telecommunications companies. Before that, I was involved in a 5G development project. When I first arrived in Japan, I felt a language barrier and had some difficulties in communication, but now I am enjoying working on location.

I have short-term goals for the next five years, as well as long-term goals and dreams.
It has not been long since I came to Japan, and I often feel that I lack experience because I am still mastering how to apply the skills I learned in training to my work. First of all, I would like to learn technical skills and gain on-site experience through my regular work. Eventually, I would like to achieve leadership and management experience. This is the short-term goal for the next five years. The longer-term goal, which is also a dream, is to participate in direct transactions with local companies in Bangladesh, "connecting Japan and Bangladesh".
SUN's support system

SUN's support system

Not only work but also life support.
My friends also like this

I came to Japan when I joined SUN and started a new life in Japan. I knew nothing about living in Japan and SUN has provided a lot of support. Whether I needed to find a place to live, open a bank account in Japan, or buy a SIM card for my cell phone, my senior staff members always accompanied me and supported me generously. Such support from SUN was not limited to when I came to Japan. Even now, I keep in touch with my seniors via chat, and they are always ready to help me whenever I have any problems, not only at work but also in my daily life. My Bangladeshi friends in Japan have been saying, "How unusual! That's nice! I like it!".
In addition to Bangladesh, SUN has employees from various other countries such as the United Kingdom, China, and Myanmar, and we are all very close to our Japanese employees.