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She says, "A family-like company that supports my dreams".
We talked with A.O. about the attraction of SUN and her recruitment.
Motivation for joining SUN

Motivation for joining SUN

I thought, "SUN will make it happen.
The time is now!" and changed jobs

In my previous job, I was always involved in SAP development. However, I didn't have the opportunity to be involved in other types of development. I thought, "I want to learn other technologies", and "It's not enough to stay here".

At that time, I was introduced to SUN by an acquaintance. It's so great to get a personal recommendation about a company. My acquaintance, who had seen SUN employees, told me that many of them had good personalities and that the company had a wonderful atmosphere. Before the Corona pandemic, the employees often planned events together. I thought that the employees got along well with each other. After all, the work environment is important, isn't it? It's good to know what kind of people you will be working with before you join the company.
The impression of SUN that I had heard from my acquaintances before joining the company did not change after I joined. Everyone really gets along well and supports each other in their work.
About recruitment activities

About recruitment activities

Recruitment is by web interview only.
I felt the attraction of a young company

I was surprised at the speed of the selection process, partly because of the Corona disaster, but also because I was hired after only one web interview. The hiring manager was given a lot of discretion, and I felt that he must be a trusted person in the company. I think that an individual having a large amount of discretion can lead to a workplace with a positive atmosphere. I felt the attraction of a young company.

I also think that recruiting is a time-consuming job that involves a lot of people, from schedule adjustments to several rounds of interviews. I thought it was great that this could be solved in a single interview and online, making the work more efficient. By the way, my recruiter was very frank with me and I enjoyed the interview.
Attraction of SUN

Attraction of SUN

SUN even thinks about my vision with me.
It's like a family!

I have the desire to grow, but I'm not good at thinking about my career or vision. But SUN helps me to think about it together. It's like a family. They value the growth of each employee, listen to their voices, and support them when necessary. I feel that this company will support me in whatever I want to challenge.

Although I have only been working at SUN for a short time, I have been invited to online drinking parties and gatherings for young people. Even with the Corona pandemic, we plan events and communicate with each other, albeit through the screen, and the employees are all very close. Because of this relationship, I can immediately consult with them when I have problems at work. I think I can make the most of it in my work.
Aiming to be an engineer

Aiming to be an engineer

From now, the era of independent individual professionals, women also need professional skills.

I didn't originally want to be an engineer, but when I thought about my future during my university job hunting, I decided that I wanted to have a job in something. I majored in liberal arts at university. When I was job hunting, I applied to various industries, but in the end, I wished to be an engineer.

With the development of AI technology, it is said that there are jobs that will disappear, so I think it is important to have your own weapons (skills). When I graduated from university, I was not resistant to touching computers, so I thought, "I can do this in the IT industry", and stepped into this world. After graduation I joined a company, not SUN, and as a liberal arts graduate, studied technology from the scratch, after 5 years I had junior staff, and felt that I was able to work on my own.
At my current workplace, about a third of the employees are women, and although there are more men, I have never felt any difference between men and women. I would definitely recommend women to enter the IT industry and become an engineer, thus getting those professional skills.