"Connecting People with People"

"People qualities" over experience
Globally connected,
appreciate people and "connect people with people"

What We Look For

Appreciate Connection
with People

You may assume that "work at an IT company" looks like "working by the computer screen all day".
In actuality however, a major part of our work derives from connections with people - negotiations with clients, meetings with business partners and information sharing among team.
The company mission of "Connecting People with People", does not literally mean to connect someone with others; rather, it signifies that you proactively seeking connections with others and maintaining and enhancing these relationships. SUN is looking for someone who can appreciate people, someone with "people qualities" rather than with technical skills or sales techniques.

for Challenge

With creation of new values from global perspective and ever-changing technologies, changes at the IT industry can be quite intense.
In a fast-changing industry, what we are waiting for is positively grasping the wave of change, A person who has a spirit of challenge to constantly try new things.

Finding Happiness
in Growing Together
with the Company

We just started our business in 2018.
There are still pieces that we as a company need to work on and we employees are in the phase of creating our company a better place for everyone to be happy. You will indeed expect yourself to grow personally, and you will find happiness in growths of your own company, too. We look forward to meeting and welcoming new members to our company.

Recruitment Summary

  • - Project Manager
  • - System Engineer
    (Web / Business)
  • - Server Engineer
    (Construction / Operation)
  • - Network Engineer
    (Construction / Operation)
  • - Programmer
  • - Web Designer
  • - Tester
  • - Help desk
Applicant Requirements
  • 【The person we are looking for】
    • - Those who enjoy work
    • - Those who like programming
    • - Those with curiosity and aspirations
    • - Those who want to discuss their future career
    • - Those who are interested in salary
    • - Those who want to work in a transparent evaluation system

    • No educational background or age restrictions
      • * Inexperienced people, recent graduates with work experience welcome
Work location Tokyo, Kanagawa, Hokkaido(Sapporo), Miyagi(Sendai), Aichi(Nagoya), Osaka, Fukuoka
Salary Monthly salary JPY200,000-JPY700,000
Determine salary considering your ability, aptitude and experience
There are pay raises twice a year
  • Bonuses twice a year
    (July, December)
  • Various social insurance
Benefits 【Various systems】
Position allowance, Commuting expenses (with upper limit), Qualification allowance, Child allowance, Continuous service allowance, Marriage hunting allowance, President's Award, other
【Health insurance】
Regular medical examination once a year, other
Vacation Two days off per week
(Saturday and Sunday)
Holidays, Summer, Year-end and New Year holidays, Paid, Condolences
* 120 days or more per year



Why did they choose SUN?
What tasks are they working on now?
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