Expanding into Thailand and Indonesia! Japanese language learning app “KURASHI STUDY” Over 50,000 downloads!

SUN Co., Ltd. (Headoffice: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shumpei Nakasone), the operator of the Japanese language learning app “KURASHI STUDY” released the app in Thailand and Indonesia on Wednesday, January 19.


“KURASHI STUDY” is an app for enjoying learning Japanese through stories. Since its release in March 2021, the app has been released in multiple international markets, mainly in South and Southeast Asian areas, and has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. With this release, the iOS and Android versions of “KURASHI STUDY” are now available in Thailand and Indonesia.

【Available Countries】
Japan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia (9 countries in total)

■ New features for beginners in learning Japanese released
“KURASHI STUDY” was initially released for learners aiming to acquire the N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). About 10 months after its release, we received requests from around the world to expand the features for beginners who are just starting to learn Japanese. Therefore, we have decided to release two new functions: “Hiragana and Katakana” and “Kanji/Kana switching function”.

kurashi-study_dl50k<Hiragana and Katakana>
This is a function for learning the characters and pronunciation of “Hiragana” and “Katakana”, which are the basis for learning Japanese. You can learn the stroke order of the letters by watching the animation and confirm the pronunciation with the audio. There are also practice questions where you listen to the pronunciation and select the correct letter. This feature is included in the free plan and can be used for free by anyone who installs the app.

kurashi-study_dl50k<Kanji/Kana switching function>
It is important to expose yourself to a lot of Japanese and increase your input in order to learn Japanese quickly. For this reason, “KURASHI STUDY” is written in Japanese regardless of the language setting. By pressing the “Kana” button, you can switch between “With Kanji” and “Without Kanji”, so that even beginners can use the Japanese written alongside for reading practice.

■ Japanese language learning app “KURASHI STUDY”
KURASHI STUDY is a story-based Japanese learning app that teaches Japanese grammar, expressions, vocabulary, and pronunciation through conversation. With a total of 96 scenes based on Japanese life, you can also learn the rules of life and administrative rules necessary for living in Japan. All conversations are audio-recorded, so you can improve your Japanese “reading, listening, and speaking” skills just by using the app, without going to school. The app also has an “Online Japanese Conversation (Talk)*” service that allows you to take private lessons with a professional Japanese language teacher. You can freely ask for help with things you don’t understand in your independent study, or with any problems you may have in your life in Japan. It also conforms to the scope and format of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and is recommended for those aiming to acquire N5 to N2 levels.
* Online Japanese conversation(Talk) service is a paid option.

kurashi-study_dl50k ■ App overview

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