【ICT Education x Conversation-specific Curriculum】 Japanese language learning service for foreign workers “KURASHI STUDY HANASU PLUS” launched.

SUN has launched “KURASHI STUDY HANASU PLUS” (hereafter, HANASU PLUS), an ICT-based online Japanese language learning service specializing in conversation for foreign workers in Japan.

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■Issues in the Employment of Foreign Workers in Japan
The number of foreigners working in Japan continues to increase. According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of foreign workers in Japan reached 1.82 million as of October 2022, an increase of approximately 260% over the past decade. In 2024, the Japanese Cabinet is expected to approve a “Foreign Trainee program” (temporary name) to replace the Technical Intern Training Program. In addition, the Expert Committee is discussing the possibility of improving Japanese language skills through continuous learning as a requirement for long-term employment by shifting the status of residence from “Foreign trainee program” to “Technical Intern Training Program”. For foreign workers to adapt smoothly to the workplace and perform well they need to improve their Japanese language skills. Problems in the workplace with foreign workers, such as weak reporting, notifying and discussing skills, not actively participating in meetings, and lack of understanding of work duties, are often caused by weak language skills and the resulting communication loss, and these problems ultimately lead to job turnover.

■Service Outline
HANASU PLUS includes digital teaching materials, online lessons, and a management system for learning. It aims to improve basic Japanese language skills through special training in daily conversation and encourage communication that creates reliability in the workplace. This is an output-based curriculum that combines ICT education and active learning, rather than the cramming method that used to be used in the past, such as learning phrases and vocabulary used depending on the industry. Students advance their fundamental Japanese language skills intensively and efficiently by training in daily conversation, aiming not only to improve the language skills of foreign workers but also to improve work efficiency in the workplace.

■Service Highlights
Daily conversation practice improves fundamental Japanese language skills.
The practice of conversation is suitable for comprehensive Japanese language study. Practicing daily conversation enables efficient learning by improving writing, listening and communication skills by combining knowledge of grammar, expressions, and vocabulary.

Leading to active workplace communication and trust among employees, through frequent conversation practice
By practicing conversation, workers learn to explain their thoughts, knowledge, and culture in words, which helps them to understand what their managers and co-workers say. Daily conversation, that is, open communication, helps employees understand each other better and builds trust. Building trust among employees enhances organizational collaboration and makes them work toward the success of the organization rather than individually.

Study Anytime, Anywhere
Using digital materials for study means learners no longer need to carry around books. In addition, learners can take online lessons with professional instructors from anywhere with internet access and a smartphone or laptop.

Fun learning leads to continuous learning
Unlike typical input-based learning, such as studying at a desk with a textbook, Daily Conversation Practice is a practical, output-based study method. The application materials used for self-study are based on stories about lifestyle in Japan, and enable learners to enjoy learning and create a motivating learning habit.

Professional Lessons
Online lessons are available in two plans, with 12 lessons for 3 months. Qualified, professional Japanese language instructors provide individualized coaching to meet each learner’s specific needs.

Manage Learning Progress Easily
The person in charge of managing the Japanese language learning of foreign workers can check the learning progress of each worker through the administrator system. In addition, feedback from the instructor after each lesson is provided, showing the growth of each learner.

■ SUN Co., Ltd
We are an IT company that operates a system integration business, Web design and a foreign resident support business under the corporate philosophy “To become a globally-renowned company based on our mission ‘connect people with people’ “. We actively hire globally, and by connecting people, create new value and deliver innovation to the world.

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