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IT Work Ready Online Course!
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■IT Work Ready Online Course?
This is a business training program for international students, empowering them to be able to contribute to Japanese IT from the very first work day onwards.

・ Work Ready ー Learn Japanese IT work methods to become an immediate asset
・ Tester Skills ー Gain experience as a tester
・ Employment Chance ー Potentially gain employment at SUN

★Free of charge!
★Support in English is also available!
★Even if you are not fluent in Japanese, you can participate!
★Online participation from anywhere in Japan!
★Top achievers have the potential opportunity to get a job at SUN!
※Japanese students also welcome to apply (although designed for international students)

■Course Contents

1.Learn basic working techniques of the Japanese IT industry
  Reporting, WBS updates, Software control and commenting

2.Learn the essential tools of the Japanese IT industry
  Github, JavaScript, Chrome debugger, SakuraEditor, WinMerge, RegEx

3.Learn how to work as a tester in the Japanese IT industry
  Create test specifications, find bugs, ultimately code fixing and result reporting

■Recommended for the following people
・ Graduate in 2023 or 2024
・ Passion to become an IT engineer
・ Interested in SUN
・ Japanese ability (N4 and above)

  • Lessons: 4
  • Lesson Dates: 2022 August 16 (Tue), 19 (Fri), 23 (Tue), 26 (Fri)
  • Lesson Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (2h)
  • Place: Online
  • Capacity: 10 people *If oversubscribed, participation is decided by selection.A course guidance email will be sent to the selected 10 participants by 7/20.
  • Cost: Free
  • Application:Please apply using the web form
  • Application Deadline: July 15, 2022
■ Instructor Profile

Jeff Hawker(ジェフ ホーカー)
Born in England. Computer Science degree, 10 years IT experience prior to Japan. Joined SUN in 2020 and currently works as a project leader and bridge engineer.
Spoken languages: English, Japanese
Interview video:

■Detailed Schedule

Tuesday, August 16, 10:00-12:00

  • Introduction (self-introductions, company introduction, course outline explanation)
  • Lecture (design documents, how to create bug reports)
  • Hands-on practice (environment setup, how to use Github, how to report completion)

August 19 (Friday) 10:00-12:00

  • Lecture (using Sakura Editor, finding bugs, writing progress and bug reports)
  • Hands-on practice (Sakura Editor operations, RegEx, write progress reports, based on Tetris code, investigate and fix bugs)

Tuesday, August 23, 10:00-12:00

  • Lecture (how to use comparison tools)
  • Hands-on practice (using file comparison tools, investigating & fixing bugs, similarity studies, impact studies, how to take evidence, creating progress reports, reviewing Good/Bad work, instructor feedback)
  • Friday, August 26, 10:00-12:00

    • Lecture (introducing Test-driven development)
    • Hands-on practice (Investigating & fixing bugs reviews, similarity study, impact study, obtaining evidence, writing progress report)
    • Review (reviewing good/bad examples, instructor feedback)
    • ※Homework will be assigned according to the content of lectures and practical training.

      ■Application form
      Please apply using the web form:
      *If oversubscribed, participation is decided by selection. A course guidance email will be sent to the selected 10 participants by 7/20.

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