The second “SUN Competition” was completed

The second “SUN Competition” was completed.

We were able to successfully complete a competition “SUN Competition” at Kansai Branch Office on October 19, Saturday.
We were joined by 8 participants and the competition heated up this time too.

Through the competition, we offered a job offer to one participant.
Please find below for the result of the competition. () indicates banned cards used in the competition.

1st place:Eldrazi (Eye of Ugin)
2nd place:Red Green Infect (Gitaxian Probe)
3rd place:Eldrazi Tron (Eye of Ugin)
4th place:WU Mystic (Umezawa’s Jitte)
5th place:Boros Burn (None)
6th place:Blue Green Infect (Gitaxian Probe)
7th place:Dark Depths (Dark Depths)
8th place:White Winnie (None)
*You can check the deck list by clicking each deck name.

Next competition will be held after the New Year’s.
Next format shall be Pauper or Pioneer… Stay tuned!

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